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Dr Amine Zorgani

Bonjour! This is Amine, the microbiome maestro fighting to save humanity’s Microbiome! With over a decade of experience in microbiome research and development, I am on a mission to prevent the extinction of the human microbiome. I have made remarkable progress in this field and am regarded as a key opinion leader by my peers.

As a speaker at major industry events such as Microbiome Movement and the International Probiotics Conference, I am committed to sharing my knowledge and advancing microbiome research. I am not only a top expert in my field, but also a true team player who values innovation and empowerment. My mantra of ‘never give up’ inspires my team to achieve Greatness.

My research has been published in peer-reviewed journals, and I have served as an associate editor of the prestigious Frontiers journal. I am also advising the European Commission on the Microbiome World Program and the Human Microbiome Action.

With a PhD in Life Sciences from the University of Tours in France and a Post-Doc from the Max Planck Institute in Würzburg Germany, I bring an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and expertise.


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Where did I Got the Science From...

EdX Project Management Certification 

● learn about the project life cycle from initiation to closing.
● Address the behavioral and quantitative facets of project management, as well as the use of methods, tools, and techniques for the initiation, planning, execution, and closing of projects.
● Review projects and organizations, project selection models, the project manager role, and project organization structures to better understand how a project is initiated.
● Learn how to create a key project management deliverable, the Project Charter.
● Learn how to build a comprehensive project plan covering the key aspects of risk, quality, scope, schedule, cost, time, resource, stakeholders, and communications.
● Explore the monitoring and control of a project,
● Project closing phase, where we explore the tasks to complete an effective project closure.

Ph.D. in Life Sciences and Health, Molecular Microbiology

Master’s degree, In Biotechnology and Microbiology

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As a highly skilled Director of R&D in Microbiome with a strong foundation in microbiome science and its application to health, I have a proven track record of leading research projects, developing strategies, and collaborating with various teams and stakeholders. My expertise includes managing budgets and resources, setting up external collaborations, and managing multi-country projects. I am passionate about people, consumers, products, and the community, and I strive to create a diverse, friendly, supportive, and collaborative environment that drives innovation and empowers teams to succeed. My mission is to save the Human Microbiome From Extinction! We welcome discussions relating to appearing on the Microbiome Mavericks Podcast, Sponsorship, Consulting and Partnering. Let’s Get in touch!

Please write to me directly at dr.amine@microbiomemavericks.com and I will get back to you the same week!

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